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A brand with over 40 years of construction experience, Nazero has always strived for consistent, measured and sustainable growth throughout its existence. As a family business that was started by Ward Younan, Nazero has been committed to the triple bottom line since its inception with the company not pursuing excessive growth just for the sake of growth. Nazero has grown with our client’s success in a manner that has always ensured stability as one of its most important virtues. That virtue has carried over into our company mission statement:

A building solution that exceeds the client’s satisfaction and expectation for quality, carried our efficiently by a trusted and stable brand. That brand is Nazero.

40 years is a long period for a brand; it is the span of two generations. That is why the brand is now handled by the second generation, Ward’s sons, Jarrod and Sebastian Younan. Jarrod and Sebastian formed Nazero Group recently to focus purely on servicing the construction needs of Ward’s former client base. This focus has seen continued success of the Nazero brand earning industry recognition for quality as illustrated by a recent Master Builders Award for quality.

The services offered by Nazero

Project Management – The Nazero team offers project management services to clients for project ranging in value between $3 to $15 million.

Early Works Packages – Often developers will engage a civil works contractor in order to commence works quickly. Though this can save time it may not necessarily save money. Nazero offers early works packages for clients which are cost effective by utilising our experience and extended purchasing power

Construction Only – This is one of the most common forms of project types which Nazero undertakes, over the years Nazero has delivered dozens of projects utilising this structure.  

Design and Construct – With our team of design consultants, Nazero offers our clients complete design and construct packages that ensures that the design parameters are maximised so our client has the greatest deliverable possible.

Jarrod Younan

Sebastian Younan

Ward Younan
Senior Advisor

Daniel Shidrawi
Divisional Construction Manager

Tony Tohme
Divisional Construction Manager

Stefan Slosu
Project Manager

Dzung Nguyen
Senior Estimator

Desmond Wong
Accounts Officer